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The Soul is eternal

Love is life. It is every existence. It is the breath of all creatures. It is that one gram, one millimetre inside the body that has the power to release the life in the Universe. It has the power to give meaning to all existence. Giving purpose to the lives of all. Observe all creatures and you will find it everywhere. Put a living creature away from Love and it will cease to live. Put a plant in the darkness and it will be wither.

Because the Light is Love, it is our Soul. It is God!

It is with us forever, in every life, in every form. It is Love that unites them all. It is God!

It will be with us eternally, in every lifetime, in every form that we have. It is Love that unites everything. It Is God!

And it is within each of us. We are co- Creators of the Whole every time with a different “face”, but with the same soul which is eternal.

The Creator

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