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18-23 June 2024, Tinos island in Greece, "Heart-led Living" Retreat over the Summer Solstice

“Heart-led Living Retreat” in Tinos Island, Greece,

18 -23 June 2024, 6 days, 5 nights over the Summer Solstice

This is the English speaking group retreat.
This year will be traveling to the majestic Tinos Island in Greece, part of the Cyclades group, in the Aegean Sea.
We will explore the beautiful Island of Tinos with the stunning beaches, the picturesque villages, the traditional architecture, the impressive culture with the sculptural art of marbles, and the interesting local market. An island dedicated to Mother Mary. We will experience the warm hospitality in the beautiful traditional family run hotel “Artemis” with specious traditional rooms, amazing sea views, and organic food grown in their own farm.

We will also cruise to the Sacred Island of Delos. Delos was a holy sanctuary for a millennium even before became known as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The whole island is an UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, infused with interesting temples, statues, unique mosaics, surrounded by an incredibly powerful spiritual energy. We will visit Delos by private boat where we will breathe and bathe in the unique light of the island over the Summer Solstice; meditate while basking the incredible energies; connect with our Galactic Family of Light and the Ascended Masters of Atlantis. Then we will visit and swim to the heavenly sea of the virgin Renia island.


In this retreat, you will connect with the Higher Christed Consciousness Light Beings, travel to higher dimensions, and activate the Christed Universal Heart. You will be attuned to the codes of the Divine Mother and awaken your heart to your Divinity. Moreover, you will experience the miraculous healing of the Archangels and the Divine Mother and get guidance and messages from the Galactic Family of Light and the Ascended Masters of Atlantis. You will experience the Quantum Healing Hypnosis in a group regression and you will learn the process of a heart-led living and how to apply it in your daily life.
  • Attunement to the codes of the Divine Mother and opening the Universal Heart

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis, QHHT, group regression

  • Powerful Healing with the Archangels and the Divine Mother

  • Connection with the Galactic family of Light & the Ascended Masters of Atlantis

  • Meditation on the sacred Island of Delos over the Summer Solstice

  • The process of a Heart-led living in the daily life

  • Daily morning meditations  

Also includes:
  • Accommodation in single, double or triple use at the beautiful hotel Artemis at the stunning beach of Agios Sostis.

  • Rich breakfast

  • Private Tour around the sights and the picturesque villages of Tinos Island

  • Day trip by private boat to the sacred Island of Delos

  • Swimming on the virgin magical Renia Island & the gorgeous beaches in Tinos Island

It does not include:
  • The transfer to the island of Tinos & the local transfer

  • Ticket  & guide fee at the archeological site of Delos

  • Meals  

SPECIAL OFFER valid until 31.05.2024

Accommodation in a room for triple use:            was £700      now £630/person

Accommodation  in a room for double use:        was £800      now £720/ person

Accommodation  in a room for single use:          was £900      now £810/ person 


*  The distribution of rooms is subject to availability in order of priority.

*  After registration you will receive the detailed daily time schedule and all the different available travel options

to Tinos Island in Greece.



Looking forward to welcoming you to this amazing retreat where we will co-create magical, blissful, empowering, uplifting, unforgettable experiences with the guidance and support of the Higher Christed Consciousness Light Beings, the Archangels and the Galactic Family of Light overlighted by the Divine Mother.


Please check out the following video to get an idea of our retreat!

Much love



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