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Everything is Divinely Placed!

Everything is as it should be. You need to make peace with everything.

Everything is according to the Divine Plan and everything is very beautiful.

For the first time, humanity is in this NEW VIBRATION!!!

Do not let anything distract you and disorient you. LIGHT is stronger than ever and is all around you!

You just need to be in the HERE and NOW and everything is tuned to the vastness of the LIGHT.

You do not need to know how.

Just be sure that everything is part of the DIVINE PLAN.

Do not worry about anyone. Be in your center and keep the Light for all those who are ready to follow it.

You do not need to do anything for those who are not ready to follow. You can do nothing but accept what is happening to them.

Always TRUST the Divine Plan. And try to keep your energy high with compassion for those who are not ready to proceed to the Ascension.

Do not worry about these souls because in the vastness of their existence there will always be a way, they will always be given the opportunity to find the way to return to our home. To be united with the One and Only SOURCE of all,


Rest assure, in the eternity of existence It is and It will always be the Only Real Source of life. And there will always be an open door to wait and welcome all the souls who have taken the distant paths on their way.

Every experience has a valuable lesson and ACCEPTANCE leads to the next stage of your evolution and development. Everything is part of the same puzzle and everything contributes to the expansion and completion of the puzzle.



Be happy, be grateful, take care of yourselves, live every moment with JOY.

The Creator, 31. 01.2021

Channeled message to Eleni Mandani


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