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Energy Distant Healing  

Energy Healing – Reiki, it is possible to be directed by the healer to the client and remotely. Energy flows to infinity and the Universal Energy of Love can overpass time and space and can be channeled or transmitted anywhere in the world. It can be sent to any living being and in any condition, event, location, or time: past, present and future. The sensations as well as the therapeutic effects of energy treatment that the recipient experiences from a distance do not differ from those that would have had the session performed in person.


As when the energy healing session executed in person, the distant healing of any type of energy haling operates at all levels: the physical, the etheric or aura, the emotional, the mental and spiritual, creating harmony and restoring the balance where needed. The Distant energy healing  session has the same effectiveness as when it done in person. A specific suitable time for you, can be set when you will be able to relax undisturbed for about an hour, while I will send you the energy healing. This means that you will need to disconnect the phone, deactivate your mobile phone, and you will lie down or sit comfortably and relax.


After the distant healing session, you will have the same sensations and the same benefits as you would have in a non-distance Reiki session. At the very least you will feel relaxed, there may be a heavy feeling so if you've been lying down sit up slowly and wait a few minutes before standing up. Some experience a warmth, a tingling sensation, others feel as though they are in a slow motion and others merely feel refreshed with peace of mind.




Your Distant Healing Session

During the distant healing I travel across all times, space, dimensions and realities to heal any physical or non-physical issue related to the past, present or future. I work with my guides; the Archangels, the power of Source Energy, the Elementals, and the healing properties of crystals. The Healing is very powerful! During the treatment I connect with your Higher Self and your guides and I get messages and advises for you that brings clarity and valuable guidance for your life.

How Reiki Distant Healing works


The therapists have known for centuries what modern astrophysicists and quantum scientists have only recently been recognized: that the world as we know it is an illusion. We are all and everything around us made of energy. We are the expression of the vibrational energy from the Source, the Creator of all, God, that as invisible web, as glue unites all creatures in the existence of life. This energy vibrates at different frequencies in different sizes and sets different aspects of life.


During the energy healing either is performed in person or remotely, the practitioner’s intention is very important. The practitioner focuses his intention to heal another person, or a situation, and thus tuned to the same frequency of energy and operates outside the usual constraints of time and space. The practitioner's intention to transfer the healing energy, the Love energy to the particular recipient activates the communication thread with him in the single invisible web that connects us therefore they can identify where and how much time to focus on the transfer of the energy in the body of the client, the situation or event. This allows the practitioner to send healing in physical distance from them, in another time or even in another world from what we know. Each energy manifestation of life, people, animals and even the seemingly lifeless creatures, such as stones, rocks, plants, all can benefit from energy healing.


When the practitioner gives energy healing, they becoming a channel of the energy that causes a positive, benign, transformational reaction within the presence of the recipient. With Source energy, any negative energy is transformed, mutated into positive and any positive is further enhanced. The practitioner, who is the transport channel, opens the way to the Energy of Love to flow aiming at the highest good of the recipient, channeling just what it is needed in the particular occasion.


The Energy Distant Healing can be sent to people, dwellings, in workplace, situations, events, the past, the future, pets, plants, Mother Earth, the Universe, disasters, emotional issues, the ancestral family, anything. The list is endless and depends entirely on the issues that the client wants to solve.

Above text is part of the research and the dissertation "Distant Healing" for the Eleni’s Mandani Reiki Master/Teacher degree.

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