How my clients describe their experience...

Good evening Eleni

I have already seen very different events and situations in my life. The fact that I felt the angels, the Higher Self, etc next to me and the whole experience is the most beautiful, redeeming and ecstatic that I have ever lived. Now I understood all that I had been reading in books for so many years. I put together many of my pieces and thoughts. I want you to know that what you do is very important to humanity. I, my guides and my Higher Self, want to say a big thank you for bringing us together. Thank you from the bottom of my soul.

16/12/2019, I.K

Thessaloniki, Greece

My Reiki + QHHT session last more than 12 hours. In that time period I cannot remember the single while, when I felt not comfortable. The place was cosy nice and bright. You are a very charismatic person. The atmosphere was calm, without any stress. Also, your dog Gorbi caused, that I felt nice. After about 4 hours you served nice and tasty bio lunch. I felt so relaxed, that I was able to tell you almost everything from the history of my life on the Earth. You explained me that in my material world the main role is played by the Energy, which is connecting everything in the Space. For me it was easy to understand, because my background is the chemistry. After the analysis, of what I told you about me, you gave me very useful recommendations, how to continue in order to have better and healthy life on our wonderful planet. Your suggestion is to open heart and to share the unconditional love. A man must forget the stress and the fear. But that process is very long lasting and must be done in single small steps.

During the energy healing, the life energy was channelled from you to my body so I felt warm and something like electricity travelling in my body from the finger tips to the centre. After the procedure, I felt strong and harmonized. It was extremely relaxing. However, the absolute top was the hypnosis. The QHHT technique is a tool to access The Higher Self. The Higher Self gave me recommendations and answers who I am and how to act in the next days and now I know that the HS will help me anytime. Thank you very much for your effort and I am sure that you opened my eyes and my heart. You gave me tools, which will show me the way in my life.

14/09/2019, J.H.

London, UK

I am so grateful my Higher self has brought me to Eleni. I had a QHHT session and it was a beautiful experience. I felt completely accepted with no judgement and I was able to talk to Eleni about some of the things I was too afraid to talk about, even to myself. I have gained wisdom that have completely changed how I view my reality, my life and most importantly myself. Ever since my session, every day has been filled with so much love. I highly recommend anyone thinking about doing a session with Eleni to simply go for it and see where it may take you 

17/08/2019, J.K.

London, UK

My dear Eleni I haven't stopped thinking about how lucky I am to have the QHHT session. I have begun and feel like I wake up after many years of sleep. Many ideas come to me. I am very grateful. Now I have time for everything I want. I'm so happy. Feelings are indescribable  You know it. I am sure you have experienced them.

You, my dear Eleni, you are a girl full of love and that makes you special. Your eyes glow with happiness and you have the gift of spreading it to the people around you.

Thank you very much!!! I will keep you updated on the miracles I am experiencing.

11/08/2019, L.P.

London, UK

Eleni is full of love, giving, warmth and openness. So real and non- judgmental and able to meet you on any level and help raise your level of consciousness! She is in the spiritual realm but having spent time in the achievement driven world herself, she is well versed in living life on many levels so can understand a range of issues! Eleni spent hours with me both before the Reiki and QHHT session and helped guide me to an incredible place. She also directed me to knowledge and resources that are helping me along my journey.

I highly, highly, highly recommend her and in fact have already recommended her to friends and family. Reiki for healing and relaxation and also for QHHT for those who are looking to understand their place and purpose and to remember from a soul perspective.

Things I've learned:

We are all one, all connected, There is only now. It's important to step into your power and remove the conditioning and layers that make us perceive ourselves as victims/needing to be saved. 

We are light beings in earthly form who chose to be here. Why did you choose this? What are the lessons you wanted to learn? We have contracts with the important people in our lives. Nothing is an accident. Live out of the heart structure not the ego mind. If it is complicated it is the ego talking!

Keep frequency high because we create our reality- quantum physics. Your expectations, thoughts and feelings are putting out what you receive. Love and enjoy life! Be your authentic self. 

We came here to learn the lessons we wanted to learn and to have fun!

18/05/2019, Z.Q

London, UK

It was indeed a very interesting and beyond rewarding experience. I cannot say how happy I feel and though I was sceptical of this initially it has a power that I cannot at the moment fully explain.

Eleni you are an angel. I am a different person since I saw you, I don’t know what you did
Thank you once again for your dedication during my session.

10/04/2019, E.K.

London, UK

I recently felt like I had been accumulating a lot of sadness and feelings of rejection and abandonment. Because of this I kept repeating and bringing to myself experiences that reflected those same feelings. For example, in my love life, my relationships kept bringing up feelings of abandonment rejection, or unavailability.

I decided that this pattern had to stop. 

Throughout my life, I have read many self-help books, watched many YouTube clips and webinars, but what's resonated with me most were the teachings of Dolores Cannon and her sessions on QHHT. 

On my way home one day, I decided to look for a practitioner in London. I had to try QHHT, and that is when I came across Eleni. 

Even before meeting Eleni in person, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and peace, as if I had known her before. 

During our session, Eleni spent many hours talking to me and listening about my life, my feelings, my background and my story overall. Her vibe was one of incredible wisdom and compassion, during which time she made me understand how much of my life is in my own hands, by way of my feelings. 

The session itself was a really unique experience for me, I felt totally relaxed but also acutely aware of my surroundings as I was guided by Eleni's soothing voice, on a path of communication with my guide and my Higher Self. A feeling of peace and purpose accompanied me as I came out of the session. More than just knowing it in my mind, I feel it in my heart: what my path in life is all about.

Εleni thank you so much, I hope our paths will cross again!

21/03/2019, Ι.Ν

London, UK

Ellen is full of Love. She gave me so much through our session and after and helped me balance my energies. An incredible being and friend. Lots of Love

14/03/2019, K.Q

London, UK

Hi Eleni, just to say big thank you for your amazing healing work. I have to say, I am still digesting all the information.  I can see changes in my thinking and definitely my heart is full of LOVE. I had been waking up at 4;15 am every day since QHHT. Waiting for downloads...

02/03/2019, B.W

London, UK

Good morning my beautiful Eleni,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift you gave me. After a very long time , this morning I felt at ease and peace, without that dreading feeling I always have. As for last night beginning our session, I was tensed and anxious, but after a while I felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside, like a loved one hugging me. After a while, and trying to let go controlling the situation, I drifted in a peaceful sleep.  I am grateful for this experience and more grateful that you are a part of my life.

27/02/2019, M.T.

Athens, Greece

I can 100% recommend Eleni and her services to anyone who’s looking for a thorough qhht therapy, help with their spiritual awakening and raising their vibration. I saw Eleni’s website in my dream and I knew she’s the one I need to go to to have my very first qhht experience. I spent a whole day at Eleni’s lovely apartment along with her adorable dog. We talked for hours and I learned so much about my journey, relationships and our universe. Just the talk itself was such an amazing experience and a very valuable lesson. I was a bit resistant and scared of the qhht itself but it ended up being an eye opening (literally!) and incredible process. I got reassurance about some of my beliefs and passions. I am more accepting and confident about my mission, my circumstances and who I am (inside and out). The qhht made me realize I can tap into that higher state of consciousness on a daily basis as well and all the information and guidance I need is already within me! Also that my passions and inner callings are not random or silly - they’re exactly what I am here for and what my mission is in this lifetime in this human form. I felt very anxious and low vibrationally but this experience taught me more ways how to stay grounded, loving and peaceful what helps a lot on my journey of spiritual awakening. Thank you Eleni!”

11/02/2019, W.S

London, UK

It was a wonderful, unique and very didactical experience. With all the things that Eleni showed me: to consider, to move forward, to love, she taught me to be grateful. From the session onwards, I am grateful for everything I have and I didn’t recognize them because I was taking them for granted. I thank Eleni who helped me, every hour, and I am also grateful to my guide, who pushed me, led me to Eleni. Thank you Eleni for everything. I love you very much!

07/02/2019, C.D.

Thessaloniki, Greece

I am someone who recently became interested in spiritual growth. I was never a believer in God/Source throughout my life, but meditation helped me open up my eyes to many things.

After a hypnosis session which i had few weeks before the QHHT session i had a burning desire to find out my past. As i know: to better our present life, we need to know our past, so bettering my current life became a goal. I found Eleni through Dolores Cannon's website and was really drawn to her. I felt through everything she wrote that she meant business when it comes to helping lost souls like me. And, oh boy, i was so right!! This beautiful soul gives everything of herself to help people, she is a true blessing to us! I noticed that her sessions are longer than the usual 3,4 hrs session other practitioners offer, but my seesion was even longer than her usual 7hrs sessions, it was a whole day!! She was truly dedicated and determined to help me as i believe she knew i really needed that help, i am one of the stubborn souls that needed that extra time to understand things and let them in. I had a lot of questions on which she gave me great answers and tips (things that were really important for me to learn so i can grow spiritually), she had given all of her time and energy to help me even though at the time she was coming out of a cold and was not fully recovered - this in itself says a lot about this beautiful woman!

The interview before the session was a journey i needed to go through, a learning process i need to experience and i feel it was even more important for me to go through than the session itself. She really helped me to open my eyes to many things i never even thought i would learn and i am forever Grateful to Eleni for appearing in my life as a teacher, helper, a healer and a beautiful, kind soul who gives so much of herself to help you in your jorney for achieving a better and a happier life! 

She even recommended me a lot of great spiritual teachers and books to further evolve and grow spiritually, i highly recommend Eleni - she was sent here to help increase the frequency of the Planet and she is doing one hell of a good job! Stay Blessed Eleni..we love and appreciate You!  

14/12/2018, I.B.

London, UK

Spending the day with Eleni (and Gorby the dog) was a truly pleasurable experience for me – it was as though all routes so far in my life had led me to meeting up on that day. Eleni is very easy to talk to and such a great person to be with; I felt relaxed in her company and at ease when speaking about myself and life.  My QHHT session was cathartic in the sense of being able to open my heart and feel the real freedom that comes when you start to trust yourself and rid self-doubt. The hypnosis part of the session helped me to understand more about who I am, where I come from and the true purpose of my physical being here on Earth.  Warm, friendly and positive to the core, I can honestly say that Eleni has been instrumental in helping me to make sense of my own meta-physical and physical experiences in life, which in turn is enabling me to look at things from a very different perspective. Understanding that I am the creator of my own reality and a powerful being in my own right is helping me make positive choices and decisions, which means that I am allowing more joy into my own life – and others’ – everyday. And that is a very good thing. I am extremely grateful to Eleni for her friendship and time spent with me both during the QHHT session and subsequently with the reading material she has generously shared with me. My hope is that other people will find their way to Eleni and benefit too.

24/10/2018, S.E.

London, UK

I had an amazing QHHT experience with Eleni. I used to doubt that I could be hypnotized as I had a very chatty and judgmental mind and I controlled way too much. Thanks to the earlier retreat in Greece, I had my first slight taste of QHHT. It was a group regression and it was the first time that I had made myself believe that I actually could be hypnotized (I felt like my whole year of efforts made in self-healing journey lead me up to this opportunity). 

I had my one to one session with Eleni weeks ago. I just loved the way She explained hypnosis and the way it works through imagination (as she said “you cannot imagine something that is not true”) with a lot of visualization practices that lead me so comfortably and confidently to the slight trance. I really enjoyed the process as it was fun, truly eye-opening (when you saw your past life as something you have felt somewhat strangely familiar with but still like a fresh story).  I foresaw some important figures I am meant to meet up with in the future from that lifetime and identified some patterns I had gone through, which affected my current life too. It was truly mind-blown….

Also, the communication with the Higher Self was another AMAZING story!! As I could feel STRONGLY in one moment that something took over me and spoke through me in an authoritative voice (however I was meanwhile conscious of what was happening). I had a lot of my questions clarified by my higher self, regarding my ascension journey, relationship and health issue etc. I stopped scratching my nose immediately from that night on (, which I couldn’t help doing in the past) as my higher self-healed it - I am so grateful!! I almost decided to consult a doctor as I thought it was passed down from my family but now it was gone like magic! Thank you so much Eleni! Love you!

06/10/2018, S.X

London, UK

I discovered Dolores Cannon & QHHT on YouTube and I was totally amazed by her!!! 

The first days I could watch her videos for hours and thinking that I really want to experience the QHHT, but it seemed difficult to happen in Greece...

But, the Universe worked in my favor and I had the pleasure to meet Eleni and experience the beautiful spiritual journey of QHHT.

Eleni is very kind and sensitive with so much knowledge and made me feel very comfortable, I opened up to her and discussed everything without hesitation. We spend almost 10 hours that I will cherish always as a gift!!!

I strongly recommend QHHT to everybody who is on spiritual quest and wants to find a deeper meaning and guidance in his/her life.

15/09/2018, V.M.

Athens, Greece

My beloved Eleni !! You are an incredibly bright and full of love being. You made me feel great security from the first moment I met you! Your voice, your aura, your eyes, your experience and your interest in my own and my sister's life, "unlocked me with your help ... I experienced a real cure in our lives !! It is amazing what you offered us so generously .... I am happy to have met a woman who loves and greatly treats her fellow human beings ... I wish other people experience what I experienced !! Thank you very much bright, light being !!!

15/09/2018, M.A.

Athens, Greece

During a time of changes in my life, where I could no longer avoid I required spiritual growth and to find peace with myself I came across, by accident, with Dolores Cannon on Youtube.

In April, I decided to face my fears and unblock my energies, so I looked up a therapist and immediately had a feeling I should choose Eleni.

On the day of her session, I instantly connected with her and her lovely dog, who kept us company during most of the day (this helped me relax a lot!).

Eleni is a very grounded, positive person, who really dedicates time to make sure you are prepared and make the best out of the session, by performing a detailed interview, and by giving you priceless advice about how our brain works, the reality we live in versus the spiritually we are to develop.

I came out of this session a different person, it opens my mind and my heart in an indescribable manner. I would strongly recommend Eleni for a QHHT session as well as for spiritual coaching.'

28/04/2018, C.S.

London, UK.

The session with Eleni has been a transformational event for me, even when it has just been a few days ago. It is amazing how Eleni does these sessions with soo much love and caring. Also, her dog is an amazing addition to the sessions.

Eleni gives you the time and space to open up yourself to her (and her dog) and also she makes you look at your life from another perspective.

What happened during the QHHT was just one big mirror of how I was living my life and holding myself back from life and that there is no reason for doing this.

The QHHT in one word would be ‘love’, like how I have never felt it before. Everything was just at the right moment and I am very grateful for this. A loving thanks to Eleni that she makes this possible!

16/03/2018, I.A.D.

London, UK

I discovered Dolores Cannon randomly on You Tube. A loving old lady, lusty, with pearls on her neck. She seemed like coming from Agatha Christie's book! And then I heard her talking about hypnosis, past lives, healing, extraterrestrials ... and I was surprised! I watched her videos over and over and I was trying to digest what she was saying!

Then the thought of having the QHHT hypnosis came into my mind. It seemed impossible to do so in Greece, but searching for Practitioners in her website, I found Eleni's name. My hands were trembling as I wrote a message to meet her, I wondered where I am going to be involved to, as all the prejudices with which I grew up came to the surface, everything that we should not "dig in" .... The moment was not right, but the universe worked on our behalf a year after, with absolute harmony to make this perfect meeting to happen.

Eleni at first glance embraces you with a look full of love and acceptance. It makes you feel comfortable and you can talk to her about everything because she does not judge you, she just listens. She listens and while you speak to her you hear your voice speaking and saying things you never realized. And when the first hours of the meeting are over, the session begins. God, what an experience!!! Shocking and at the same time absolutely natural, as you are doing it every day. There is nothing foreign, it is just You with you, as if you meet for the first time with You and at the same time you remain yourself!!!

I do not know how to explain it otherwise, but it is a journey worth doing. There is love for us on the other side, unconditional love, sweet love. I think this is the most important thing I learned, in addition to the answers I received in my questions. Healing also requires personal work after the session and it is up to us to move on. What everyone will hold after this experience is purely personal, and that is the purpose, to find our own path, each of us.

Eleni is a soul with light and love and her guidance is enlightened. Thank you Eleni, though the words do not express the depth of human emotions. Thanks for the trip we were accompanying, thank you for keeping Ariadne's thread and leading me out of my little labyrinth. Keep up the good work. See you soon!

17/12/2017, E.P.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Eleni is a very warm and welcoming person. We had quite a long chat, discussing and analyzing all aspects of life that made me think about things I didn't before and look at certain situations in a new way. I learnt new things about myself and how situations in the past affected me and made me change. I felt I can trust her and tell everything. Her dog Gorbi was also very supportive! :)

During the QHHT session Eleni was gently guiding me through the process that helped me see a lot of past lives and experiences. I've witnessed such a variety of life! Being a human and an animal. Experiencing my higher self was very interesting too. I've learnt that words are quite limited in order to express what I was feeling and things I saw. My higher self is always talking to me, but I don't always trust it, this session taught me that these energies are very subtle and I need to allow them flow more freely, to control less and trust my intuition (I'd also call it "knowing") more. It's interesting how everything is so simple but our mind over-complicates everything. 

I highly recommend this session to anyone. I feel that I've learnt a lot about myself.

And I wanted to thank you again Eleni! Because it was a really great experience. When I listen to the recording now, images I saw during the session come back to me and I can re-live it again and then I smile, because it's really beautiful. I wish more people could experience all that I did and I'm really grateful to have met you. 

28/11/2017, M.P.

London, UK

I would like to give big thanks to Eleni for this unique, wonderful experience. 

The QHHT session truly helps, it's hard to describe it by words, it's the feeling you get, the energy you feel. You get better understanding of your life, yourself, things become clearer to you, you feel lighter, ( of your emotional and other burdens), you realise lots of things which are important in order to move forward and how truly wonderful beings we are and came here to be happy.

Before the session, Eleni gives her time to you, you walk and talk, you feel comfortable. This helped me a lot. Giving me lots of important and positive messages and with creating really good questions for what answers i needed at that time.

Eleni is an amazing lady, she knows so well what she is doing. It comes from pure love and genuine desire to help people.

Trust me, by this session you have absolutely nothing to loose only so much to gain.

Love to all.

12/08/2017, L.L.

London, UK

My QHHT session with Eleni, my third one, was perfect for it answered the questions that I had been asking for some time. The time that Eleni spent with me prior to the session, resulted in many more and precise questions that I could have dreamed of asking. With, of course, many more answers!!!

I am grateful for the gentle, loving and patient guidance, coupled with the professionalism showed when I allowed my mind to take over. Very gently she brought me back to where I could answer from my Higher Self.

A very successful session. No doubt I will go back for more!!  


06/07/2017, A.M.C

London, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed my day of QHHT with Eleni. She made me feel like there was absolutely no rush and we talked a lot so she could get to know me before the hypnosis.  I learnt so much and have come away with a lot of new ideas and things to think about which will help me move forward. 

30/06/2017, L.G

London, UK

Dear Eleni

I hereby express my deep and heartily gratitude for all the time you spent and what you did for me. You are the first one in entire my life that I have opened my heart to her wide and clear. Your warm environment, high vibration, bright light and all your beauties, "as well as your kind and playful Gorbi" gave me a deep confident that I did it with no hesitation. I can not thank you enough for who you are.

I clearly noticed changes in my back bone and this made me to enjoy walking this afternoon. And I took this as the initiation of what my higher self has said!!!

18/03/2017, J.B.

London, UK

The QHHT session saved me, it was amazing and I wanted to stay longer under trance I feel like I do not want to get back to my human life hahahahahaha!!!

I felt power and home :) but I know now why I am here to overcome limitation to be on this dark planet it was great I felt so powerful so powerful zero limitation

As spirit of the universe I was lost on the earth realm. I came to see Eleni because of my guides or watchers who assist me with earth experience. The session changed my life now I know my path not only I walk my path but I know my path and this made life changing. I found Earth as difficult planet to live. Every time you feel inside this is the spirit so follow the session was great and I’m fully thankful for Eleni to used QHHT in order to connect with my deepest Self. The world of humans here on Earth can be only good once they will be open for method like this and open their heart that they are more than the body and the personality which they have now.

28/01/2017, M.M.J.

London, UK

Dear Eleni,

It was a such a pleasure to meet you.

You are so pure, loving and so beautiful soul. Your dedication and patience made a huge impact on my life. Thank you for your love. I am feeling very blessed to know you. You left a huge impact in my live. You make my heart sing again. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I can not explain my gratitude to you!!!

10/01/2017, R.D.

London, UK

Dear Eleni

It was an amazing experience and I look forward to revisiting the session via the recording. I actually have an aching pain from my stomach to my hips which means, damn that healing worked. Those archangels are amazing, so glad to be a part of them englobed in this majestic light.

Thank you for assisting me in this magical journey and as always I'm not only here for myself but as you are aware from the session I'm here for the rest of humanity too. ;)

17/12/2016, D.D.C.

London, UK

My experience with Eleni it was really unique!!! Although at the beginning I was hesitant and very anxious, Eleni managed to calm down my soul and helped me to see things that I never thought I would see. From that day on, my life has changed a lot. I see life from a completely different perspective. My soul, my heart and my mind are much quieter and in greater harmony than they used to be. I strongly recommend the QHHT session to everyone in order to live experiences that they could never imagine.

27/10/2016, S.L.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Thank you Eleni, You have kindly guided me through an amazing QHHT experience where the universe and two lives on earth have helped me to turn the page towards a happy, healthy life filled with love. I have forgiven and love myself and others and have found the value within my life experiences. Also, my body now feels healthy and strong.

23/10/2016, D.N.B.

Thessaloniki, Greece

The QHHT session is a unique journey that leads to the core of your being. A wonderful experience for anybody who want to find themselves and their truth. The answers to our problems are within ourselves. The QHHT session that I had with Eleni, helped me to discover all these answers in order to take my life in my hands and to understand that I can…and I ought to live a bright life. Also, my health, after a long time began to improve and I feel like it's finally good. Essentially I "woke up" with the absolute conviction that I am strong and that my destination is happiness through surrender and serenity. Thank you so much Eleni!

21/10/2016, Κ.Κ.

Thessaloniki, Greece

My recent QHHT session with Eleni was a very interesting and enjoyable experience, which I strongly recommend to anyone to try for themselves. It will very likely be a uniquely different experience for each person, but without a doubt a very valuable and insightful one. I am a very logical, analytical and scientific person by nature, so I was especially curious as to what this experience would be like and how well it would work on me.

Eleni is a very kind and warm-hearted person, who makes you feel connected and comfortable right away. We spent a lot of time discussing our backgrounds and experiences in life, which has helped her to understand what she is going to be working with in my case. I had prepared a long list of questions, which we reviewed together and synthesised into a more concise and impactful set of questions. This process in itself felt like a counselling session, as Eleni gave me her perspective on a number of topics that were intriguing or bothering me. I found this very useful and practical, and it has given me some important takeaways to consider and integrate into my life.

Once we have agreed on the questions that Eleni would be asking during my Theta state, Eleni took me through a guided meditation, and once I was relaxed we started to explore past lives. The first images that came to me were on a beach resembling the Maldives, from where I was transported to a forest, seeing myself as a lumberjack. The scene after this was one where I was a French nobleman witnessing Marie Antoinette’s execution and then leaving Paris with my family. Fast-forward to the Habsburg court of Maria Theresia in Schoenbrunn where I apparently lived with my family. The next scene was of me as a young boy in a war-torn city in Central Europe during WW2, witnessing a lot of destruction but feeling positive about the eventual rebirth of the city. After that, I saw myself as a musician from the maiden voyage of the Titanic being initially shipwrecked on a boat with others and then being rescued. The final scene was that of a futuristic-looking city whose atmosphere was attacked and which I fled to another planet. After that Eleni asked me the questions that we had agreed on, I answered all of them as my Higher Self was speaking through me.

Eleni was fantastic. We spent a good 10 hours together all in all, and she has helped me realise a few things about my life that I found very insightful and useful. I am very grateful to Eleni for the experience, and hope that she will be able to share her passion and energy with many more people and impact their lives in a positive way.

04/09/2016, T.S.

London, UK

I had problem with my back for many years and tried everything, nothing worked, I met Eleni and she saw what was the problem straight away, She did Reiki on me, it's an amazing experience and very releasing for any mind tension which relate to body pain, I will definitely do it again and I strongly recommend it!

08/07/2016, Y.B.

London, UK

I feel very lucky that I lived such an amazing experience. It broadened my gnostic horizons and my perception for human abilities. I acquire the awareness that fear is an illusion and that the only true thing in life is love!

Through my three QHHT sessions with Eleni, I learned to love myself and mainly to have more faith and trust to myself. I learned to overcome insecurities that come from fear filling my desires with positive thoughts. It helped me to clear my soul from every bitterness, and all the bad feelings I was keeping and "to send them to the light," thereby gave peace to my heart. It taught me that with love nothing is impossible.

It is an experience that I highly recommend to everyone to experience it.  

09/02/2016, K.K.

London, U.K.

Thank you so much for the amazing healing experience from my Reiki sessions. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me and the whole experience turned out to be very powerful and personal as well as healing. I wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me during my Reiki session. Eleni is very gifted at what she does and I can’t wait for my next session.

13/01/2016, R.M.

London, U.K.

My Reiki session with Eleni was the first Reiki session I have ever had. As a starting point Eleni's warm nature and welcoming attitude made me feel at ease. When she showed me into her therapy room I was pleasantly surprised as it is set up to provide a lovely, comfortable and relaxing environment. 

Not having had Reiki before, I wasn't sure what to expect but soon I was relaxed and comfortable. Being restless by nature, I was surprised at how peaceful I had felt throughout the session. The heat from Eleni's hands was a definite reassurance and confirmation that energy was positively flowing. 

I had my session in the evening and went home to sleep. In the morning I felt energised and in good spirits.  A bit like an "I've - just -returned - from - holiday" attitude and energy. 

I am grateful to Eleni for introducing me to Reiki and I will certainly be visiting her again. 

30/12/2015 S.S.

London, U.K.

I had the most wonderful afternoon with Eleni!

I was introduced to her by a friend. I had been having a difficult time physically & emotionally. I am a western trained medical doctor so my friend was a little unsure as to whether I would be open to QHHT. But I'm also spiritual, interested in alternatives & had recently had my first brief experience in past life regression which had given me absolute belief that it is real & possible. Sometimes my medical & spiritual sides fight but when there is evidence you can't deny it! 

I met Eleni on a bright Sunday afternoon. She was warm, kind, welcoming. The kind of person that instantly puts you at ease. We talked through the list of questions I had written out, what I was hoping to gain as well as how the process would work. 

She then made me comfortable before we began. Starting with a beautiful guided meditation I felt myself relaxing. What happened next was pretty unbelievable! It took place over an hour and a half but I was sure only 20 minutes had passed. I experienced myself between lives, ascending to meet with elders & guides. I saw beautiful light that cannot be described in earthly terms. The universe, God. I became light in space. Moving so fast I even started to feel nauseous. I experienced worm holes, the feeling of being pure energy with no purpose other than being. & then my energy was being absorbed. I didn't want that to happen & later I would understand that I was coming back to earth again as a physical being. I experienced being in the womb & being reborn. My mother from this lifetime was my mother & tears streamed down my face. I experienced love & loss in that life & a peaceful end as my physical life ended & I took spirit form once more. 

Meeting Eleni & experiencing the work she does was a profound experience & one that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. & when earthly life is challenging at times I remember the pure joy I experienced as energy in the universe.

29/09/2015, Z.F.

London, U.K.

From the moment I decided to have the QHHT session, Eleni informed me about everything I needed to know and how to prepare myself better for the session. The experience of the QHHT session was something unique. Eleni’s voice guided me to this journey, feeling my inner energy and after the session feeling truly refreshed and rejuvenated. However, the experience does not end with the end of the session. On the contrary, the QHHT was the foundation for me to be soul searching in my daily life.

QHHT is a path that must be travelled. It equips you to understand yourself and your purpose.

I found many answers to questions I had for years, some of them since my childhood.

Now I know very well that my possibilities are endless simply because I absolutely trust myself and I have learnt to discuss my concerns with my guide Odysseus who advises me in my daily life.

The most impressive aspect of my QHHT session was the contact I had with my Higher Self, the energy I felt in my whole body, after Eleni had established contact with it. I came directly in contact with it and everything started to make sense. Through the QHHT session self-awareness is achieved, which allows us to feel ourselves at our real existence.

09/12/2015, N.L.

London, UK

My experience of the QHHT session was amazing. 

Initially, I was quite reluctant. I didn’t have a similar experience in the past and being a person of science I had my doubts. But after a couple of discussions that I had with Eleni who gave me more information about the whole process I decided to give it a try. The reasons that I wanted to try it was because I had self-confidence and self-esteem issues that were affecting my personal and professional life.

The whole experience was very pleasant and I didn’t realise how fast the time passed. During the whole session Eleni made sure that I was feeling comfortable and relaxed. At the end of the therapy I felt energised, optimistic and grateful. Since then many people including family, friends and colleagues have pointed out these changes in my mood/behaviour.

So whether you are a “left” or a “right brainer” I definitely recommend this kind of therapy. And there is no better person other than Eleni to help and guide you.  

13/09/2015, P.M.

London, UK

My spiritual journey started in my 2014, when I went for past life regression which confirmed that I had had previous lives on Earth.    

Following that experience I started reading books on the subject to know more about regression and the afterlife.

In May 2015 I met Eleni and we became friends. As we got to know each other, we discovered that we shared many similar views about spirituality, the afterlife and that she was a Reiki Healer and had ‘discovered’ Dolores Cannon and was doing her course in QHHT.

Once she qualified, I expressed my desire to have the healing to progress on my journey. I was her very first client, as I later found out, and my experience was mind-blowing!

Following our initial exploratory conversation and what I wanted to know and be healed from, the session started.

After the hypnotic induction, I was guided to go to the most relevant life based on my questions. I found myself in a forest somewhere in the, now, USA dressed as a hunter wearing a tricorne hat and holding some sort of musket. I was hunting wild animals and selling them to the town’ s citizens. My partner in the business was called Paul. On one of my trips to town I met Paul and, after our business was concluded, we went to the local tavern to eat. There we met Elisabeth, the waitress that I knew well and Tom, another friend, who joined us for lunch.

I knew immediately that Elisabeth, a blue eyed and blond young lady, was my son in this life and Tom was my brother in this life (two questions answered). We were childhood friends from nearing farms.

We progressed to my death in that life and was then guided to connect my Higher Self. Eleni asked all the questions that were connected with the initial interview.

She talked with a soft and gentle voice, was very soothing and conducive to relaxation and exploration.

I also received healing, a body scan. I could feel the healing energy pulsating throughout my body, a pleasant, if strange sensation.

At the end of the session we discussed, in turn, my amazing experience and hers.

Eleni is a sensitive, tender therapist, guided from ‘above’. Both my experience with Eleni and her skills can change lives. I am now a vegetarian!

02/08/2015, A.M.C.

London, UK

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