Eleni Mandani

Eleni Mandani

About me

Since I was a little girl, I remember myself, feeling within me the power of God. Although, I always felt the need to help my fellow people and I always had an abundance of love for all, I always knew that something is missing from our society.


I completed my undergraduate studies (BA in Business Administration) in Greece and my post graduate studies in the United Kingdom (MSc in Tourism Management) and I worked in executive positions for more than 20 years in the Greek and international business arena. While developing my career I experienced many joys through my achievements, I gained nice experiences, and I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and learn many lessons. But there was something missing from my life, and from my purpose.

Αt the end of 2013, I moved permanently to London from Greece, where this beautiful journey began. My acquaintance with the work of Dolores Cannon, was definitely an important stimuli that I was guided to come across, in order to begin this wonderful journey in my life. I found out later that I have been a healer for many lifetimes and I am a volunteer that came to heal, help and spiritually guide others, through the Ascension Process. 

I offer Spiritual Coaching on line and in person and I help people to have more happy, joyful and fulfilling life. I have been trained in QHHT hypnosis method, Level 2 and I am practicing it in UK and in Greece. I am also an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamballa MDT Master/Teacher and I also practice Energy Transmission and Space Clearing. With the help of my Archangels Guides, the Universal Energy of Love, the Elemental and Shamanic techniques I travel in time and space in all dimensions and realities to heal past, present and future issues. Last but not least, I have the ability to communicate with the Higher Consciousness' Realms and I channel messages and valuable advises to my clients. 

It is really a great joy and happiness for me to be able to help my clients whilst I am experiencing this beautiful, loving and powerful energy in my daily life.