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Surrogate QHHT® session

If the person needing treatment is not able to attend our meeting, the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique can be done through a third party, on behalf of them.

If the client is a young person, under 18 years old, hospitalised, or stuck in any institution, or their state of their health does not allow them to move or even to communicate with their environment, it is possible to have a QHHT® session through a surrogate, that can be a family member, a relative or a close friend.


Questions can be asked directly to the client's Higher Self through the surrogate. The only requirement for the communication with the Higher Self is their consent and the intention of love. The sincere intention of the surrogate to assist the client. 

The Higher Self of the client informs and detects any issue in the client's body and explain the possible causes of health problems, regardless of the fact that the client is not in the same room. How does QHHT® works through a surrogate as well as the transformation of the energy distant healing is explained from quantum physics.


The required treatment is performed to the client instantaneously or gradually, depending on the case where this is consistent with their higher spiritual purpose, as will be explained by the Higher Self of the client.

The QHHT® may also be performed to heal pets and communicate with their Higher Self.

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