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Energy Space Clearing 

Set  the Intention

Once you have decided to have a Reiki session, use the affirmation "Ι am centred in my Higher Self. My heart is in complete alignment with my mind. I am closer to my Higher Self and I have a direct and clear communication with my Higher Self" Note the tense of this sentence, it’s not “I will or I will have,” it is “I am and I have.” You can then repeat this intention silently or out loud throughout your day and most importantly, right before you go to sleep at night. Thoughts and energy will automatically begin to flow to you to prepare you for your session.


Relax and reveal

Give yourself at least an hour prior to our appointment to sit and reveal how your body is feeling and anything else that you are noticing in relation to your emotions, your thoughts and any physical sensations. Take some time to breathe and listen to your body's needs on the day of our appointment. You may also want to reveal any intentions you want to set for your session, and anything you want to share with me before we start your treatment.


Eating - Drinking

I recommend that you do not come to your session hungry. Be sure that you have had a good light meal, as organic as possible, and a lot of water a few hours before the session, so that you will be as comfortable as possible and not distracted by hunger or thirst. Avoid alcohol or recreational drugs at least two days in advance to the Reiki session.


Make yourself available after the session    

Try not to book anything immediately after your session. You should take it easy. Many of the treatment benefits can occur after the session is over and as such, it’s important to find somewhere quiet and relaxing to integrate what may arise from the session. Spend the next hour after the session walking in nature, meditate, lie down or even take a nap.  Find an activity that helps you connect to what you have experienced so that you can fall back on it in the future.


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