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Sacred Relationships in the 5th Dimension, 5th - 7th March 2021

"Sacred Relationships in the 5th Dimension" Workshop 5th to 7th March 2021

All relationships are sacred! The role of relationships is very important and crucial in creating the experience of our lives. Relationships are in our lives to help us experience beautiful experiences, to learn, to evolve, to grow at all levels, being an integral part of all creation.

Why do some people not experience it that way? Why do they feel misunderstood, wronged, that those around them do not understand them, that there is a lack of effective communication, lack of understanding, meaningful connection and they are in a defensive position in relation to those around them?

Why are there people who feel alienated, live in fear and caution with their fellow human beings? How can this change and improve our lives? Why in personal relationships do people experience loneliness and find it difficult to find love? What do we need to do to bring the ideal partner into our lives? What do we need to do practically in our daily lives?

How will we be able to experience beautiful, constructive relationships that empower us, elevate us and give us unforgettable moments? What limits us, what are the obstacles, what are the beliefs that keep us imprisoned in the old energies? What are those remnants that we bring with us from previous experiences / programs, from the family, the line of the ancestors, from the dogmas, from the society and its wrong teachings?

A workshop that also includes a deep cleansing of karmic relationships, and all the obstacles that do not allow us to live life Free, Independent with Joy and in Unity with our fellow human beings. Grounding of the New Energy in order to align and reconnect us with our Original Divine Blueprint and Oneness through Divine Unity.


Duration: 3 days

Friday 18.30 - 21.30, Saturday & Sunday 10.00 -17.30

Cost of the course: £222


Snacks and Vegetarian lunch Saturday & Sunday

Email me to book you in:

I am so excited about this workshop and look forward to sharing this beautiful journey of discovery where we will unfold the divinity of relationships and the Magical New Energies of our Unique Era.

Much love



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