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Science & Spirituality Meet up 25.03.18

This is the recording from the meet up group organised on Sunday, 25.03.2018, on the subject of "Science and Spirituality" with an online connection with Marina Jacobi!

An amazing group of 16 beautiful souls participated in the meet up.

It felt like a soul family group.

The information and the interaction during the communication with Marina was amazing.

The energy was building up in the room, especially when the council of nine was scanning each of us. At a certain point, after one and a half hour of discussion, Marina and the council of nine, decided to give to each of us one by one our specific customized healing frequencies. This lasted one more hour.

Thank you Marina Jacobi for taking part in the Science and Spirituality Meet up Group!

Thank you for the teachings and the information to each of us!!!

If you want to know more about the coming meet up groups, stay tuned to my website:

Much love


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