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Professional Practitioner Angelic Reiki® Workshop, 27-28 Febr. 2021

London, 27 & 28 February 2021, Professional Practitioner Angelic Reiki® Workshop

I am excited to announce the class of Angelic Reiki®, Professional Practitioner Degree at 27th and 28th of February 2021. This amazing healing system is given to Kevin Core by Archangel Metatron from October 2002 to February 2003.

The purpose of this workshop is to extend and deepen into the healing process of the Angelic Reiki, the connection with the Angelic Kingdom and to provide the appropriate support and training to professional practitioners of this amazing system.

Additional information is covered regarding the healing process and the Angelic Healing Art. Subjects that has been covered in the previous classes, in this workshop are now explained to a deeper level. Additional, professional training and a code of ethics along with practical management and marketing topics are covered in order to support, assist and equip the practitioners to offer this amazing energy in a professional way.

Prerequisite for attending this workshop is to have first completed the Angelic Reiki®, 3rd & 4th Degree.

Angelic Reiki®, Professional Practitioner includes

· Cleansing & attunement to Angelic Reiki forth Degree

· Entity release if needed

· Master Archangelic initiation

· Two new healing methods: etheric body & spherical healing

· Magnetic & Radiatory Healing

· Understanding of the death & dying process,

· Healing into death

· The nature of disease

· The healing session

· Legislation & insurance

· Practical management & marketing topics

· Code of Ethics

· Ongoing professional development

· Mentoring and supervision

· and more


Duration: 2 days,

Saturday & Sunday 10.00 -17.30

Group: from 4 to 8

Cost of the course: £222


The digital manual "The Angelic Reiki®, Professional Practitioner’s Manual"

The Certificate "The Angelic Reiki®, Professional Practitioner’s Degree"

Vegetarian meals

Looking forward to teaching you the Professional Practitioner’s workshop and the connection with the Magical Angelic Kingdom, that is so close to my heart!

Much love



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