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Meet up "Science & Spirituality" with Marina Jacobi

I am delighted to announce a meet up group on Sunday, 25th of March at 16.00, on the subject of Science and Spirituality with an online connection with Marina Jacobi!

Marina will answer our questions on the subject of Science and Spirituality, Manifestation, Metaphysics, how the Quantum Field works and much more as she connects directly with the 11 dimensional beings.

Since, Marina Jacobi, was a little kid she was doing automatic writing. In the last five years she started connecting with various beings from Higher Dimensions. She also started to connect telepathically and hear everything. The Higher Beings started to teach her about consciousness and the new metaphysics which is the bridge between matter and consciousness. Marina teaches about the Quantum field and how it works, the manifestation process, the parallel realities and much more of the new metaphysics. Marina is in a direct contact with the Higher Consciousness beings and she answers the questions directly by taping into the infinite knowledge of the quantum field.

If you are not familiar with Marina's work please watch the following videos in order to have a basic understanding on her teachings:

Quantum Manifestation Part 3:

16.00 - 17.00 Meditation and discussion

17.00 - 18.00 Online connection with Marina Jacobi through Zoom

Cost: £15

As there is a limited space for the meet up group prepayment is required in order to secure your participation.

Email me for more information and bookings:

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