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Usui Reiki Level One Class 02-03 December 17

I am excited to announce the Class of Usui Reiki Level One, 2nd and 3rd December 2017.

Reiki Level One, intended for personal development and transformation, self-treatment and the treatment of others. During Level One Course, you will learn all about the Universal Energy of Love and how it works. You will learn the major chakras, the aura, and the different techniques of Reiki. After the course, you will know how to use Reiki for self-treatment and how to use it to others. After your Attunement to Reiki Level One, you will also have the opportunity to practice the self-treatment and a full session. In addition, I will be glad to mentor and support you after the course as long as you need me.

Training Content:

What is Reiki, The History of Reiki, Reiki Types,

Reiki Principles, The Major Chakras, The Layers of the Aura Field,

The Reiki Attunements in all levels,

Attunement to Reiki Level One,

Guidelines for Self-Treatment, Guidelines for Full Treatment

Breathing Techniques, Reiki Techniques

Creating a healing Space, The exchange issues

The benefits of Reiki, FAQ

Code of Ethics (UK Reiki Federation),

Usui Reiki Level One Certificate

Manual Reiki Level One, Copies of new developments and the latest news,

Recommended Reading for further development are provided.

Practice and participation to Reiki Shares

Dates: 02 – 03 December 2017

Duration: 2 days, 15 hours, from 10.00 -17.30

Maximum people per group: 7

Vegetarian lunch is provided per day during the breaks

Cost of the 2 days course, including the Reiki Level One Manual: £170.00

If you are interesting to attend Reiki Level One, please email me to book you in!

I would be very happy to teach you all about the Universal Energy of Love!

Much love


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