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A Pleiadian having his first life experience on Earth. Part 1

PHOTO: The Pleiades, Credit Hubble Space Telescope - NASA

Each Quantum Healing Hypnosis, QHHT, session is always an amazing and unique experience!

While I am guiding my clients to this amazing journey through their soul’s evolution, there are so many possibilities that we can experience.

I never really know what we are going to experience, what kind of life form, on Earth or not, in the past, in a parallel or future possible life. The Higher Self of my client, always lovingly leads the process. It always chooses the most relevant past, future or parallel experience of their soul, that has the information and the answers that are helpful to their current life and to their personal growth. The Higher Self is the one that chooses the life, or the lives that the client needs to see/ experience in order to get the help that needs in the current life.

The specific session had a great interest as the client, (A) is an extra-terrestrial, originated from Pleiades having his very first life on Earth. We journeyed together in many lifetimes, all in different planets, and we encountered many different beings that they looked nothing like humans. We also saw a parallel life as a woman on Earth. His Higher Self explained why he needed to see all these different life times.

The Higher Self show him the variety of different lifetimes that he had experienced, as (A) chose to came in this lifetime on Earth to experience the variety of the creation.

He came on Earth because he wanted to explore, and to have more experiences and also to help humanity with the transition that we are going through right now. (moving to the 5th dimension). He has many talents, he is very creative and he also have abilities that he will develop and use further after the transition of the Earth! (which is going to happen during his lifetime. (A) is 45 right now)

His Higher Self pointed out the importance of keeping our energy high through meditation and by surrounding ourselves with like-minded people, support and help each other. It gave him also the name of his Guardian Angel that is always with him and (A) can call upon him whenever he wants to ask help and support.

His Higher Self answered all his questions, did a body scan and a remarkable healing:

He balanced the right and the left side of his brain in order to help him in his current life as “he has a very tough brain”. It healed the throat, (he needs to speak his truth) the knees, worked with his eyes and opened his heart to create more space for love and compassion (for himself and for others).

The last message of (A's) Higher Self was: “(A) needs to believe in himself more”,

and addressing me: “Keep doing what you are doing”

In the next blog "A Pleiadian having his first life experience on Earth. Part 2, I will describe some of the most important lives we experience in the Pleiades Constellation.

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