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How I have been healed from my client's Higher Self during a QHHT session

I want to share with you my healing experience that I received through the Higher Self of a client and friend during a QHHT session, in mid-August. I was suffering from a very serious allergy for more than a year which I developed all of a sudden! The doctors couldn’t find the cause. They were giving me all the possible medicine and treatments for more than a year with no success. Moreover, to the allergy I also developed shingles in the broader area of my neck. Of course, now I know why this happened. My body was delivering, actually yelling a message to me, which I wasn’t listening.

Monday 10th August 2015, I went to the hospital for a patch allergy test. At the hospital they placed 62 different ingredients on my back in order to determine which of those is causing the problems. On Thursday morning I went to the hospital to get the results. I still had the patches on my back. The doctors concluded that all the 62 ingredients were effecting me the same way. My back was in a terrible condition. They asked me to repeat my visit on Friday morning to meet a Dermatology specialist as I was a very special case!

On Thursday evening, 13th of August 2015, I had a scheduled session with a client, friend (K). As we were still in the first part of the session, that we call interview, my friend who knew my health issues said to me that she would be very happy, if I would ask her Higher Self to heal me. She was insisting while I reassured her that if there is enough time I will ask for the permission of her Higher Self for healing. My intention was to help her, cover all of her questions and of course ask for her body scan and the healing that she may have needed. She was the priority in my mind, I didn’t plan it.

The session was really amazing. Her Higher Self took her to a parallel life to show her that love exists for her and she is already experiencing it in a parallel life, as that was something that she had to deal with in her current life. Her Higher Self answered all her questions beautifully, being very loving to her, congratulating her on how she had dealt with all the situations in her current life. Her Higher Self did the body scan, found her healthy and “opened” her heart.

I noticed that there was time left so I decided to ask permission from her Higher Self to heal me. Her Higher Self accepted very willingly to heal me and encouraged me to touch my friend’s hand in order to receive the energy. Her Higher Self pulled my friend’s hand out of the duvet towards me, asking me to touch it. I could feel the energy in the room, from the first moment that her Higher Self came to answer her questions. At this point there was a dramatic increase! I touched K’s hand gently. I felt the heat of the energy.

Then encouraged me to touch myself and after a short silence It said ”slowly, slowly… it is gone”! In my question if my friend’s health was good and if everything is fine with her, I got the answer that she is now healthy and I was too.

It was definitely an amazing experience for my friend and for me too. The next morning when I went to the hospital, they couldn’t believe how everything had disappeared - the allergy and the shingles in my neck, and all the irritations on my back. To me it was like they had never existed. They were gone forever.

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Looking forward to guiding you in this magnificent journey!!!

Eleni Mandani, QHHT Practitioner

All text copyright © 2016 by Eleni Mandani unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:!blog/c1rpo

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