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New Paradigm MDT-Shamballa, Basic Master Workshop

London, 29th to 30th of May 2021,

The New Paradigm, Multi-Dimensional Transformation -

Shamballa Basic Master Workshop

I am so excited to announce the New Paradigm, MDT, Shamballa Basic Master Workshop at 29th & 30th of May 2021.

The origins of the New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation system, Shamballa, lies way back in Atlantis, where Master Germain was incarnate there at the time and brought the Shamballa energy from Source to help in the evolution and liberation of beings that were being used as slaves due to their bondage of ignorance.

The system today has a similar purpose to liberate us from our bondage of ignorance, to bring us into the Love and Freedom to find our Own Power and to remember our Own Mastery. At this time as our planet and humanity are in the midst of a multidimensional shift from third dimension to fifth or higher, our physical bodies and light bodies are transforming, in order to be able to hold more light. We are undergoing a crystalline transformation, a vibrational transformation, a paradigm-shift transformation and we are expanding multi-dimensionally.

The New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation System uses a powerful very high vibrational energy, the Shamballa, which is a collective consciousness of the Ascended and Galactic Masters. This resonance is now available to us, as we open the crystalline energy matrices within our energy fields to receive it. This “Diamond Frequency” is a highly-refined and extremely transformational frequency and also a very powerful healing energy. Activations to this frequency allow us access to the new codes which are being downloaded through the Galactic Centres, to stabilize and harmonize humanity’s and the Earth’s harmonics to become One Unified Harmonic. Receiving the new codes and operating within the Diamond Frequency will mean increased multi-dimensional awareness, and developing our multidimensional skills and senses that we have forgotten them but they are our birth right as children of Mother/ Father Source.

“NOW is the time to release all unnecessary programs from the past and to prepare to receive the new energies coming in. We are co-creating here on Earth things beyond our imagination. You are invited to be present in each and every moment, and to enjoy the dance through to the end of time”.

-Master Germain through Hari Das Baba / John Armitage-

Basic Master Workshop

This workshop introduces the full spectrum of the Shamballa energy and more to the entire mind/body/electro-magnetic system of the participants. It allows the person to feel and experience these energies and become acclimatized to them. These energies have a powerful grounding effect and start up a process of coming into more Balance and Love. From this workshop onwards these energies will flow through the person continuously day and night supporting the process towards Balance and Love and keeping it on-going. This allows also the person to be able to share the energy with others simply by touch.

Course Contents:

· The Philosophy and History of New Paradigm MDT

· What Shamballa means

· Theory of disease and the emotional body

· Theory of channelling healing energy

· Brain balancing

· Information on Chakras & Higher Chakras

· The Mahatma Energy & Opening to the Cosmic Heart

· Implant & Entity Removals

· Dissolving Karmic Ties

· Antahkarana activation

· Light body activation

· Ascension activations

· How to treat yourself - how to treat others

· and more


Duration: 2 days, 16 hours,

Saturday & Sunday 10.00 -18.30

Group: from 4 to 8

Cost of the course: £360


The digital manual "New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, Basic Master”

The Certificate "New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, Basic Master”

Vegetarian meals

Looking forward to teaching you all about the amazing energies of Shamballa that I am so grateful to connect and recall from my previous incarnations.

Much love



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