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"Multidimensional Living" Workshop, 03-05.12.2021

London, 03-05.12.2021, "Multidimensional Living" Workshop

We are in the midst of the most important lifetime in the History of Humanity. The Great Awakening, the Ascension Process and the transition to our original natural state; therefore it is a time of huge changes both in personal and collective level. We live in the most important time in the history of the Universes as the Ascension Process takes place for the first time while we experience life in a physical form. It is a great blessing to be here in this incarnation and to co-create the New Earth, the Land of Love and Unity, the Land of the 5th dimension and beyond, Heaven on Earth.

This process occurs in a personal level and it takes a deeply internal spiritual work. As we are moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th right now we are constantly moving in and out to dimensions and realities as the soul tries to keep us in our path, whether we are aware of it or not, in the best possible way. In order to stay in our path we need to learn how to navigate ourselves in the different realities and dimensions. We need to be aware of our frequency and how to manage it. We need to learn to trust the process, find your centre and stay in touch with our inner guidance. We need to be able to surrender and embody more and more of our Higher Self, and to fulfil the purpose of our soul, our dharma.

It is a process of blessing, joy, expansion, ascension, Divine Grace and at the same time a process towards the unknown as humanity has been in this low vibrational band since the time of the fall of Atlantis. It is a process of death of the old and rebirth of our Divine True Self. This is the time of the Resurrection of the Christ Consciousness in our hearts, which is the highest vibration in our Universe. Why do not many people experience it that way? Why do they find it difficult to deal with everyday issues or they feel lost? Why do they find it difficult to ground spiritual teachings in their everyday life experience? What are the main issues we need to work on in order to surrender in the Ascension Process, to experience Divine Grace, and to fulfil our dreams with abundance, love and joy? How can we change the beliefs and programs that keep us trapped in the old? How can we heal the spiritual and emotional traumas that stand in the way of our spiritual growth and create obstacles on allowing us to embody more of our Higher Self in our daily lives?

In this workshop, the participants will experience techniques and methods that will help them to identify and heal issues from this life, from other lifetimes, from beliefs and programs adopted from society and from the ancestor line that hold them back from their spiritual path. To learn frequency management, and the laws of the Universe that we need to know and implement in our daily life. The participants will experience also a group regression and a deep healing from my guides, the Archangels, clearing and creating the space to ground new higher energy vibrations through the guidance of their Higher Self.


Duration: 03-05.12.2021

Friday 18.30 – 21.30

Saturday & Sunday 10.30 -18.00

Cost of the course: £222

Includes: Vegetarian meals and snacks throughout the workshop

Email me to book your participation:

I am excited about this workshop and look forward to sharing with you the healing, the practices and the techniques that will support you in your spiritual journey, connect you with your True Self, and allow you to experience life with love, joy, grace, bliss and abundance.

Much love



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