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Hieros Gamos Workshop, 18-20.03.2022


I am so excited for this workshop that I have been guided to share with you, right within the Energies of Full Worm Moon and the Spring Equinox 2022 that marks the energetic Beginning of the New Year, 222, that is all about Balance, Adaptability, Transformation of duality, Faith, Trust as well as Love, Partnership, Unity and the energy of the Twin Flames.

Hieros Gamos (Ιερός Γάμος) is the Sacred Marriage of a Human Being with their Divinity and the Unity consciousness based upon the principles of the Law of One.

Hieros Gamos is a multidimensional living system for personal freedom, sovereignty, and energetic empowerment. Through the Alchemy of Hieros Gamos and the principles of the Law of One, the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity, we can return to Balance, to transform duality and hold the Energy of Unity!

In order to be balanced, harmonized and peaceful with self, we need to acknowledge and integrate the inner polarity and the value of both gender principles. This is how we can move forward to the Ascension Cycle by truly accepting, knowing and liberating ourselves.

The system is intended as a multidimensional energetic tool to support the consciousness paradigm shift during the Ascension Cycle to protect freedom, liberation and sovereignty for humanity and the planet Earth.

It is an amazing system that aims to build your own spiritual house as you align, connect and heal your bodies, so you may learn to become inner sustained and protected by your own inner light source. There is nothing more powerful than our direct connection to the God Source. It includes also among others the spiritual practices and the powerful tools that one can use in their daily life in order to return to balance and connect directly to the God Source.


Duration: 18-20.03.2022

Friday: 18.30 – 21.30

Saturday & Sunday: 10.30 – 18.00

Cost: £222

Includes: Vegetarian meals and snacks throughout the workshop

Email me to book your participation:

I am so excited about this workshop and it feels that is the most appropriate time to share with you all the information regarding this amazing multidimensional system as that played a huge role in my life and helped me so much personally to build my own spiritual house through my practices since 2016. I am forever grateful to Lisa Renee for her impact in my life.

Looking forward to guiding you in this amazing workshop

Much love



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