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"Divine Mother Retreat" Tinos Island, Greece, 30.06-04.07.22

Divine Mother Retreat in Tinos Island, Greece, 30.06 – 04.07. 2022

5 days, 4 nights retreat

I am delighted to announce “The Divine Mother Retreat”, on 30th of June to 4th of July.

We are traveling to Tinos Island in Greece, which is dedicated to Mother Mary. Likewise, our retreat is dedicated to the Divine Mother and all her expressions. Nowadays, the Divine Mother is progressively returning to reclaim and restore her creation, leading our Planetary Ascension Cycle, helping us to transform the aspects of the negative ego, awaken to the qualities of the Divine Mother within our heart, and embody our Original Divine Blueprint.

In this retreat, we will travel to higher dimensions and we will be attuned to the new vibrations and qualities that are now available to our planet, coming from the 13th and 14th dimensions. These energies have only been available to humanity for the last 10 years and they are more powerful than the frequencies present, during the time of Atlantis. These new vibrations that come directly from Source, from our Mother / Father God, are leading this Ascension Cycle, and awakening our heart to our Divinity. The attunements to the Divine Holy Mother will stay with you and accompany your spiritual journey and your life experiences for ever. After our deep, heart connection with the Divine Mother, we will never be the same - we will be forever changed!

Along with our spiritual daily practices we will explore the beautiful Island of Tinos with its amazing art, stunning beaches, picturesque villages, unique extraterrestrial rocks, organic food and its warm hospitality. We will also cruise to the Sacred Island of Delos, where we will perform the ritual of Grounding the Divine Mother and we will swim to the heavenly sea of the virgin Renia island.

I feel very blessed, and I am very grateful for the guidance I received to organize this retreat as the Divine Mother and Mother Mary accompany me in all its preparation!


• Powerful Healing with Mother Mary and the Archangels

• Connection and attunement to the Divine Mother

• Meditation, grounding of the Divine Mother on the sacred Island of Delos

• Quantum Healing, QHHT, group regression

• Daily meditations & spiritual discussions

Also includes:

• Accommodation in single, double or triple use at the picturesque Artemis Apartments on the stunning beach of Agios Sostis.

• Rich breakfast

• Tours around the sights and the picturesque villages of Tinos Island

• Day trip by private boat to the sacred Island of Delos

• Swimming on the magical Renia Island & the gorgeous beaches in Tinos Island

It does not include:

• The transfer to the island of Tinos

• Meals

• Contribution to petrol during our daily excursions

• Ticket to the archeological site of Delos


Triple use: £520 / person

Double use: £590 / person

Single use: £680 / person

* The distribution of rooms is subject to availability in order of priority.

* After registration you will receive the detailed daily time schedule and all the different available travel options to Tinos Island in Greece.

* Registrations:

Looking forward to welcoming you to this amazing retreat where we will co-create magical, blissful, empowering, uplifting, unforgettable experiences with the guidance and support of our Holy Divine Mother.

Much love



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