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2022 Early Bird Special Offer

Merry Christmas & Happy, Joyful, Abundant, Blessed New Year, 2022!

I am thrilled to present you this amazing offer for the exciting New Year ahead.
2022 is an amazing year that will give us all the opportunities that we need to move in higher octaves.
We will need to navigate ourselves through realities and dimensions to stay grounded in our heart, centered in our inner guidance, following our spiritual evolution in our own pace walking firmly on the Ascension Timeline! It is a blissful, exciting, unique time, that happens first time in the history of our Universe!!!

I offer Spiritual Support, Consultation, Guidance, Quantum Healing, Space Clearing and Quantum Hypnosis to help you in your unique spiritual journey!
Book your session or buy a Gift Card for your loved ones until 10.01.2022 for any day in 2022 and get 10% off on all services. (except courses, workshops & existing special offers)

Use the following coupon LOVE2022 through the book online page to all following categories to get your discount.

* QHHT sessions
* Spiritual Coaching, online service
* Consultation, online service
* Energy Healing or Distant Healing
* Space Clearing or Distant Space Clearing
* Gift Vouchers

Looking forward to guiding you through these unique experiences.
Above special offer is valid until 10.01.2022, subject to availability

Email me for further details and to confirm availability |

Much love


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