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Welcoming 2019

This is the last day of the amazing 2018, an 11 that set the foundation of what is coming. The 2019 is the catalyst, the 3, that will gently push us to where we need to be.

The New Year will put us back on track on what makes us fulfilled, what makes our hearts sing! It will bring to us what we want to manifest, which aligns with our souls’ purpose! It is the year of manifestation. So, lets create and manifest wisely for ourselves, for humanity, and our planet.

I invite you all to utilize the energy of celebration, the energy of joy and laughter during the New Year’s Eve celebration tonight. Ask to connect with all the Higher Selves of all the beings that are experiencing the powerful energy of celebration and joy and direct it to the Highest Good of you, humanity and our planet. Visualize the warm golden light in the heart of all the beings in our planet. See this light expanding and becoming bigger and bigger covering all our planet and expanding out there in our Universe. See all the beings in our planet happy, fulfilled, experiencing abundance love and joy connected and aligned with their Higher Selves. See all the beings in our planet, in our Universe, in our Galaxy United to the Oneness of our Creation. And so it is.

Happy New Year, Happy Creating

Much Love

Eleni Mandani

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