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Spiritual Coaching 

Spiritual coaching takes place online in a plan of 4 or 6 online sessions. 

During the online sessions we have the opportunity to discuss your life experience and any issue or issues that hold you back from experiencing the life that you desire. You will notice a shift of your energy from our very first session and gradually you will be able to jump to a higher reality/ dimension experiencing more happy, peaceful, meaningful, fulfilling, blissful, joyful and abundant life. 


During our discussions I read your energy, and I am fully connected with my/your guides, who give loving guidance and insights in our conversations. My role is to support and guide you in your life’s journey, so you are aligned to your soul’s mission, enjoying a blissful happy life, and manifesting the life of your dreams. In addition I use many healing tools, like energy healing, guided meditations, hypnosis, deep energetic cleansing and more in order to change your energy, shift realities and remove internal blocks from your lifetimes or/and from your ancestor line, across all times, space, dimensions, and realities. I hold the energetic and emotional sacred space for you and I assist, guide and support you to:


  • Realize your soul mission and move towards it.

  • Explore your spirituality and the higher purpose of your life.

  • Understand where you are in relation to where you want to go. I lovingly guide you towards the purpose of your life.

  • Find and commit to your authentic self. Realize who you Truly Are.

  • Be ready to let go of the ideas, programs, patterns, behaviours, attitudes    that you got from others that do not serve you anymore. 

  • Understand the deeper meaning and the importance of self-love, and implement it in your daily life with given practices.

  • Discover, listen, connect, honour, love your Self and your Divinity.

  • Learn to connect with your body, with your Higher Mind and with your powerful heart and listen to your own guidance.

  • Identify the difference from your Divine, Higher Self and the small self, the ego mind, which is based on fear and leads to confused choices.    

  • Learn how to communicate and trust your powerful inner guidance. 

  • Set daily practices and processes to support yourself towards your goals.

  • Make meaningful choices and take effective actions.

  • Accept that you are a powerful creator and that is your Divine right to create the life of your dreams.

  • Be able to see the bigger picture of your life’s experiences

  • Learn to recognize the opportunities, to shift into a more positive mindset and find the deeper meaning in the life’s challenges.

  • Recognize that all your experiences were perfectly placed in your life, assisting you in your growth, and your evolution.

  • Recognize your accountability in the creation of your life’s experience, and how by changing certain things you can manifest the life of your dreams.

  • Understand the importance of emotions and make it priority in your daily life how you feel.

  • Unlock and embrace the gifts and the talents that you brought with you in this lifetime.

  • Heal past wounds, traumas, phobias or negative perceptions from this life or any other lifetime if necessary.

  • Go through your journey of awakening and the ascension process.

       and more.


You are a powerful Divine Being of Light that is now having a human experience and It is a great honor for me to hold the space for you in your process of finding your Divinity.

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