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"Abundance in the 5th Dimension" Workshop

Abundance is our Divine Right!

It is the Divine Right of all of us to live our life with Joy and Abundance on all levels.

Why we do not experience it, what limits us, what are the blockages and the beliefs that keep us imprisoned in the old energies? What are the remnants that we bring with us from previous lives, from the line of our ancestors, from dogmas, from the society and the false teachings?

What is Abundance in the 5th dimension and how will we experience it in our daily life. How do we practically change the old and welcome the new energies of Abundance? What is the process of maintaining Abundance in our daily lives and manifesting our dreams?

A workshop that includes a deep cleansing of our energetic field in time, space, dimensions and realities of all the blockages that do not allow us to live our life Free, Sovereign, with Abundance and Joy. Grounding the New Energies to align with our Original Divine Blueprint and reconnect us with our Divine Nature to manifest our dreams.  

The Workshop will take place in Glastonbury, the sacred land of Avalon, the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth where the lay lines of Archangel Michael and Mother Mary crosses, over Samhain, the ancient Celtic festival, (called Halloween today) and the Blue Full Moon when the veil in between the physical and the spiritual world is thinner and the Heavens are open for integration and manifestation!


Sharing a double room:                          £380/ person

Single use of a double room:                  £440/ person 


3 days workshop, accommodation of 2 nights, breakfast, the tours and the meditations in sacred sites.

It doesn’t include:

Daily meals and the transfer to Glastonbury/ your contribution to the petrol

Allocation is subject to availability

Contact me to book you in: | 07473072808


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