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Eleni Mandani - Mind Body Radio Interview

The above audio is from my interview at the Mind Body Radio where I presented my services.

"Eleni spent more than 2 decades in the corporate world before she found her real purpose as a spiritual teacher and a healer. She got a BA in Business Administration and a Master degree in Tourism management and she worked in executive positions for more than 20 years in the Greek and international business arena. Although she had a very successful career going on, she felt that there was something missing from her life, and from her purpose. After moving permanently to London from Greece, at the end of 2013, a series of physical and metaphysical events occurred in her life that directed her to spiritual teachers like Dolores Cannon, that point her to the direction to see her real purpose. She found out later that she has been a healer for many lifetimes and that she is a volunteer that came to heal, help and spiritually guide others, through the Ascension Process.

Eleni offers Spiritual Coaching on line and in person and helps people to have more happy, joyful and fulfilling life. She is practicing the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, QHHT witnessing hundreds of people changing their lives for ever. She is also teaching USUI Reiki, Angelic Reiki, the Shamballa MDT system, and she is a very powerful healer. With the help of her Archangels Guides, the Universal Energy of Love, the Elemental and Shamanic techniques she travels in time and space in all dimensions and realities to heal past, present and future issues. Last but not least, she is an intuitive channel and has the ability to communicate with the Higher Realms and channel messages and valuable advises to her clients."

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