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We are going to Greece. Are you coming?

Retreat in Greece, 24-28/08/2018

A beautiful group of souls going to an amazing retreat in one of the most magical places in Greece at a very super price during the bank Holiday, Full Moon of August 24-28.08. There are only couple of rooms available.

Join us to have fun, Connect with Nature, Connect with like minded people, Connect with Yourself!!!!

By utilizing my long previous experience in the tourism sector I managed to formulate an amazing offer in one of the most stunning places in Greece, in Chalkidiki, at the luxurious resort, Porto Carras Meliton, 5* Hotel. During the retreat we will stretch and energize our bodies by practicing yoga on the beach. We will connect with our Divine Blueprint, share Love, release what doesn’t serve us anymore through guided meditations and Reiki Shares. Basking the energies of the Full Moon we will experience the empowering, magical connection with the Angelic Realms. We will discover our divinity, receive healing, support and guidance from the Archangels. We will experience QHHT Group Regression, a wonderful journey to the most relevant experience of our soul, that has helpful information to our current life and to our personal growth.

We will also cruise to Mount Athos, we will swim at the gorgeous crystal waters of the exotic Ammouliani island and we will do hiking and walking at the beautiful forests that surround the resort area. The endless beach of Porto Carras Resort, including 25 secluded pristine coves, offers amazing unorganized and organised beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas where we can swim in crystal waters, do water sports or sunbathe under the warm sun and just relax.

Price: £590/ person

Join us to relax, have fun, connect with nature, connect with Yourself in the most magical place with a super price! In this retreat we celebrate life, and we honor our Body, Mind and Spirit

Here is also the link to the video:

As there is a limited number of rooms still available, please secure your participation as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Much love

For more information click here, the Retreat PDF or

email me:

Looking forward to welcoming and guiding you all in my homeland!

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