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A testimonial - A QHHT session with Jesus presence!

Above is the testimonial of a wonderful young lady that had a QHHT session with me at 28th November 2017.

I am so grateful practicing the QHHT method and being able to help so many people to find who they really are! Every session is a wonderful, different, unique experience!

I would like to share with you a glimpse of her amazing session!

This session really had it all in one!!!

First of all the lady experienced a variety of amazing colorful, picturesque lifetimes. From a powerful, muscular King during ancient times, a Leprechaun living a happy life with his family (wife and 3 kids), a migratory bird enjoying the freedom and the beauty of the ocean, to a spirit crossing over to the other side in order to meet her guides and her teachers while they were teaching her all about life.

While she was in the other side she found out that the Greek God, Zeus, is one of her teachers and that her dominant guide is our beloved Jesus!

Jesus was present during the whole session, talked to us about love and filled us with love and light. The energy in the room was amazing during the whole time!!!

Last but not least her loving, wise, Higher Self came through and explained to us why she needed to see this variety of lifetimes, It answered all her questions and gave us so many valuable information and advises about life, the soul essence and the ascension process that humanity is going through right now.

The healing that took place was amazing, and all the health issues as well as the accidents that occurred in her life explained in detailed!!!

As you can imagine, this will be the subject of a new post soon!

So stay tuned!!!

Much love


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